Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Aktiviti Bulan KT USM & Pengauditan Tenaga 2006

Bulan Feb 2006 dipilih sebagai Bulan KT USM dan pelbagai aktiviti kempen KT seluruh kampus dijalankan di samping itu pengauditan tenaga dijalankan oleh kumpulan penyelidik dari CETREE dan dipimpin oleh Dr Mohd Zin.

Berikut beberapa konsep KT yang dipersembahkan kepada warga USM 2006.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Why EE in Building is imporant ?

Buildings are responsible for at least 40% of energy used in most Countries. The absolute figure is rising fast, as construction booms, especially in countries such as China and India. In Europe, buildings account for 40 to 45% of energy consumption and the emission of GHG into the environment. In the ASEAN region alone, commercial buildings consumed well over one-third of all electricity usage and will account for more than 40% of the demand for additional generating capacity in the near future.

The consumption of electricity in Malaysia shows continuous increase since 1980‟s and energy demand is expected to grow by 60% over the next 25 years. New development, new areas for residential, commercial and industrial in general are the main reasons. Apart from the building design that does not consider „low energy building‟ design another important factor influencing energy used in building is the low level of knowledge, awareness and practices on EE among building operators and users. It is essential to act now, because buildings can make major contribution to tackle climate change and energy usage. Commercial buildings consume well over one-third of all electricity in Malaysia, Commercial buildings will account for more than 40% of additional generating capacity demand in the near future. EE in building could release government burden on power generation plant capital investment.

EE & Energy Management
Energy Management Program (EMP) is part of the company’s management activities that control the energy use situation in the company, to ensure efficient exploitation of the energy to provide cost-saving without impairing normal building functions or occupant comfort and productivity. Implementing Energy management could achieve;
a. Expansion of focus in work with energy efficiency
b. Better conditions for a stable and cost effective operation
c. Reduced costs
d. Reduced environmental impact

Good Housekeeping in EMP
Good housekeeping is a program which creates energy consciousness among operators and users. It does not require a big capital investment, in fact it can usually be carried out by the existing technical staff in any organisation. Some simple activities are:-
- Closing doors and windows in an air-conditioning room.
- Switching off light, fan and our desk top computer when we left our room during lunch time.
- Raise the air-conditioning of the room thermostat instate of putting our blazer on.
Experiences shows that implementing good housekeeping program can save up to 15% energy bill.

Energy Audit in EMP
Energy Audit (EA) is define as investigations of energy consumption and the building system in view to find out the building energy index, identify any potential of improving efficiency of the building energy system through the elimination of any energy wastage in the organisation to improve cost saving and environmental comfort for the occupant.

EA investigate and identify;
- How energy in is currently consumed.
- Calculate Building Energy Indexes (BEI).
- Identification various potential of Energy Saving Measures (ESMs).
- Calculate Costs and Simple Payback Periods for all recommended ESMs.